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Cheer Insanity All Stars Cheerleading

Cheerleading for all levels with a unique emphasis on mental health awareness, prevention of mental health conditions, stopping domestic violence and sexual abuse.

At the present time, Cheer Insanity All Stars is working on developing skills. This is through open tumbling classes held on Mondays from 5pm-8pm. Depending on how many athletes can be formed for the 2022-2023 Season, there may be a partial season team developed. 

*All ages and levels are welcome!*

Fundraisers and scholarships are going to be available to help those of low income. Please contact Nicole at for more information!

Our Story

Cheer Insanity All Stars began in 2017 with a girl (Nicole) and a few teammates passions for cheerleading. While Nicole was in cheerleading, she gained a passion for Mental Health and Wellness. After completing her bachelors degree in Psychology and Exercise Science, Nicole developed a passion for working with athletes, specifically with mental health conditions such as eating disorders, depression, anxiety, suicidality, mental blocks, impacts of personal life in sports, and perfectionism.

During Nicole's participation in competitive cheerleading, cheerleading became her outlet, helped her develop the meaning of family, understand good sportsmanship, and gained a great moral compass from the coaches she was coached by. Nicole's dream has been to pay it forward and help the next generation in line. 

Meet The Team

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