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Nicole Carrita

Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional


(717) 884-9543‬



My Journey towards Licensure

Nicole's journey towards licensure was quite unique.  Nicole received majority of her licensure hours in Rural areas of Pennsylvania. This exposed Nicole to different cultures- improving her cultural competency.  

Nicole aims to provide a safe environment for the supervisee to grow, learn, practice, and develop his/her own professional identity. Nicole likes to bring in humor and genuineness to clinical supervision. Please feel free to contact Nicole if you are interested in learning more about supervision towards licensure and to discuss if we are a good fit. 

Work Experience

October 2020-Present

October 2022-Present

September 2022- Present

Carrita Counseling and Wellness, Owner

Licensed Professional Counselor

Keystone Psychological and Counseling Services

Licensed Professional Counselor

Better Help

Licensed Professional Counselor

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