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Areas of Expertise

Trauma Therapy

As a Certified Trauma Therapist, I am to provide trauma informed treatment into the therapeutic setting. I am unique in trauma therapy in that I do not force a client to discuss his/her traumas. I work towards building the therapeutic rapport and allow the client to discuss their trauma at his/her pace. I have attended Internal Family Systems (IFS) training. Once I obtain my LPC, I will also be a Certified Clinical Trauma Therapist and Certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. In September, I will be able to provide Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). 

Solution Focused Therapy

I strive to utilize a Solution Focused Therapeutic Model. This technique works well with men and military. As a clinician, I work with you towards identifying the presenting problem that brought you to therapy and work towards a resolution or solution to this problem.  

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a technique used for toddlers and children. Although I am not a Registered Play Therapist at the present time, I have some training in implementing Play Therapy techniques to aid in behavior management of and processing of traumatic events of toddlers and children. 

Star Behavioral Health Providers

Star Behavioral Health Providers is a registry whose mission is to provide service members, veterans, military member, referring professional or friend psychiatric care during deployments or mobilizations that present complicated and unique challenges. As a member of the STAR Provider list, I have completed Tier II and Tier II Training of the STAR Program. Rest assured, therapists at Carrita Counseling, LLC will walk you through your personal journey, at whatever step that may be during your military journey. We will provide compassionate, nonjudgmental, and supportive care to meet your needs.

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